This is what sets us apart from other companies offering the same type of service. We spend time with our clients, getting to know them, their brand, really understand the goals, objectives and working toward being pro-active rather that re-active.

Our mindset is governed by a single thought around customer-centric thinking - it's completely revolutionized the way we look, think and approach our customers. Instead of looking to create a BrandStrong service in a way that just makes our clients get inline with what we offer, we've coined this guiding principle that underpins every thought and decision in our business that affects our clients. We've termed it "Zero In, Zero Out", and basically it embodies the entire thought process our clients go through when they interact with BrandStrong. 

The power of it lies in literally taking the time to look at our interactions, specifically from our clients’ perspective, rather than ours by default. The idea is that we zero in to our customer so effectively that they feel we are so much into their business, we move like insiders. They feel that though we are working remotely we are never out of touch. We zero in to the job, to make sure we understand what we are trying to solve and design from a perspective of providing solutions, not simply just to come up with artwork that “looked nice”. We zero in, before we zero out the pipeline. Zero out means the job is efficiently done – on brief, on time and on point. The aim of course is wherever possible to surprise and delight our customers. 

We go to an incredible amount of effort inside BrandStrong to foster this culture that is about being genuine, helping our clients and each other, freely giving of our experience and knowledge, in an endeavor to actually grow as human beings. It's a natural extension that this same mindset flows on down to our clients, because when we really think about it, they too are apart of the extended BrandStrong Family, and we want to help them succeed as well. 

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